Trade Promotion Agency

As the Trade Promotion Agency of the Principality of Asturias, ASTUREX’ mission is to promote the exports of regional companies and facilitate their international expansion.

It was established in 2005 from a joint commitment of all regional agents, public and private, involved in business and economy internationalization.

Due to its relevance and mandate ASTUREX is member of the regional economic development group, a collaborating partner of the Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade and member of the Interregional Committe of Interenationalization dependent on the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness.


  • Leading institution in trade promotion for companies established in Asturias
  • 15 years of experience
  • Founded as a result of a public-private partnership agreement
  • Member of relevant networks towards policy design and implementation of trade promotion programmes and initiatives.

Asturex in the world

An external network of collaborators
  • Multisector experience
  • Worldwide (covering 80 countries)
  • Different technical skills (legal, business development, marketing, procurement, logistics, etc.

Join our international network

Join our international network


ASTUREX possesses its own financial, material and human resources:

A permanent staff of 11 employees:

  • Large experience and technical background
  • Deep knowledge on key aspects for business internationalization (legal, logistics, promotion, customs)
  • Sector oriented
  • Languages: Spanish, English, French, German

Access and collaboration with public and private entities at a regional, national and international level:

  • Economic Develpment Agency of the Principality of Asturias
  • European Business and innovation center
  • Industrial associations
  • Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade
  • Other regional trade promotion agencies


Private sector development
Designing and implementation of tailor-made programs
  • Technical assitance programmes covering companies at different stages: from entrepreneurs to well established enterprises in their internationalization strategy and operations.
  • Plans and actions designed with sectoral associations: food and agriculture, works and construction, metallurgical, consumer goods, ICTs/Technology based companies and cultural industries.
Stimulating business linkages
  • Support consortia creation
  • Promotion of linkages between driver enterprises and small companies
  • Value chain enhancement
  • Enhance cooperation between clusters and entities to reach international markets
Trade and regional integration
Facilitating market access
  • Analysis of new and growing markets
  • Business opportunities search and promotion
  • Technical consultations and seminars on specific markets aspects
  • Online library of Foreign Trade Information
Promoting companies’ offer
  • Organization of direct and inverse commercial action
  • Participation in trade fairs
  • Organization of international business forums
  • Conferences and seminars on specific issues, technical and sectoral oriented
  • Foreign trade and internationalization procedures

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